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There are two file sizes to the right of each picture. The first is the file size of a medium size JPEG image, generally around 640x480 pixels in size. The second number, separated from the first by a + (plus sign) is the size of a higher resolution JPEG you may download. The larger image would produce a better print if you wanted to print any of these images on paper.

You can click on any of the following section numbers for this area. Each section page contains up to 10 pictures.

Title: Goldkey Comic #3 - Montezumas Gold

Sections: 1- 2- 3-

This is Section 2

PIC 119K+ 687K PIC 121K+ 717K PIC 124K+ 744K PIC 117K+ 724K PIC 123K+ 754K PIC 115K+ 710K PIC 116K+ 736K PIC 99K+ 613K PIC 89K+ 523K PIC 120K+ 743K