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There are two file sizes to the right of each picture. The first is the file size of a medium size JPEG image, generally around 640x480 pixels in size. The second number, separated from the first by a + (plus sign) is the size of a higher resolution JPEG you may download. The larger image would produce a better print if you wanted to print any of these images on paper.

PIC 89K+ 422K PIC 103K+ 469K PIC 60K+ 308K PIC 95K+ 457K PIC 114K+ 579K PIC 100K+ 514K PIC 129K+ 600K PIC 135K+ 539K PIC 25K+ 119K PIC 67K+ 305K PIC 26K+ 122K PIC 35K+ 174K PIC 48K+ 272K PIC 73K+ 325K PIC 51K PIC 65K PIC 121K+ 857K PIC 135K+ 724K