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There are two file sizes to the right of each picture. The first is the file size of a medium size JPEG image, generally around 640x480 pixels in size. The second number, separated from the first by a + (plus sign) is the size of a higher resolution JPEG you may download. The larger image would produce a better print if you wanted to print any of these images on paper.

New New Pictures of Bob in the dunking booth at Battle of the Network Stars.
New web video of bob singing a song on Hawaiian Eye
A picture from the Hawaiian Eye daysBob with a surfboard 32K Courtesy of
PIC 63K+ 319K PIC 53K+ 265K PIC 85K+500K PIC 70K+340K PIC 48K PIC 56K+ 233K PIC 68K+ 341K PIC 79K+ 540K PIC 65K PIC 131K+ 642K PIC 11K+ 45K PIC 87K+ 395K PIC 18K+ 400K PIC 88K+ 780K PIC 131K+ 1Meg PIC 143K+ 704K
Here are two pictures of Bob, (called the action god) wearing the gold medal we got for him for the Anniversary.
PIC 39K+179K PIC 38K+180K

Bob on cover of Fitness 2000 in Boxers 73K  Bob in Jingle All the Way as Policeman 67k

Bob in Men's Health 93K