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Hi! My name is Gary Sarff and I live in Utah.
The above is a picture out my window. The mountain is about 8000 feet high.

In September of 1991 I bought a new SCAT II Hovercraft. Here are some pictures of it. It has 64 individual fabric sleeves to hold the air in enough to provide lift. It can supposedly fly with something like 30% of the bags ripped or gone, the left over ones should expand to fill the gaps. It has a Cuyuna 40HP engine, with an electric start option which I installed. Useful for those times when flying over a lake and the engine dies and has to be restarted. Because of the design, the pull start on the engine comes out from the right of the engine, and one has to be basically back beside the engine to pull start it, but doing so makes the back of the hovercraft sink dangerously near the point where water will begin pouring in through the back. ( Am I speaking from experience? :) ] yes.

At this altitude it does not get quite the lift it would someplace nearer to sea level. Its maximum attained speed so far is about 40mph in the salt flats near bonneville utah. (I live in utah.) It is NOT a good idea to fall out when flying over the salt flats, it will cut you up like knives, plus the salt stings, badly. :)

I bought it when SCAT was still in business (based in Florida I believe.) Now my support comes from a former dealer for SCAT in New Mexico who has formed New Mexico SCAT which sells, services, and modifies hovercraft.

The number to the right of each picture is the size of the JPEG image available for downloading